abandoned in Germany Infirmière 2
Infirmière #2
abandoned in Belgium Think different
Think different

abandoned in Belgium Collapsed dreams
Collapsed dreams
abandoned in Belgium The summer garden
The summer garden

abandoned in Belgium Old iron beautiful decay
Old iron, beautiful decay
abandoned in Belgium Sometimes theres no chance no way
Sometimes there is no chance, no way

abandoned in Italy At low tide
At low tide
A huge coal boiler in an abandoned 50's iron factory somewhere in France. Yellow metal stairs, concrete, rust and decay. A very graphical image.
The incredible machine

abandoned in Germany Tonight is the night
Tonight is the night
abandoned in Germany The corridor
The corridor

abandoned in Belgium The chemistry lab
The lost chemistry lab
abandoned in Italy The Lunatic asylum No
The Lunatic asylum - No exit

abandoned in France Everythings out of control
Everything's out of control
abandoned in Germany Good bye Dr. Zierow
Good bye Dr. Zierow