About me

Julien Carosi
Julien takes us on extraordinary journeys to places it feels like time has just stopped, revealing the hidden beauty of these forgotten places, filled with stories of vanished dreams and disillusionment.

It was at an early age, surrounded by the relics of a past industrial age, that Julien found his way. His first explorations among the shadows of the past awakened in him a passion that still drives each of his photographs today.

Drawing inspiration from the work of Romain Meffre & Yves Marchand, Julien favors patience and contemplation over the rush of ephemeral sharing. Through his lens, and with remarkable technical skills, he shares his vision of these spaces that are so many tributes to a forgotten grandeur. His work, a delicate balance between graphic strength and emotional depth, celebrates his passion for architectural and design photography, paying homage to the beauty hidden in decay.

Through Julien’s perspective, we are encouraged to see the world differently, to uncover beauty in places we might otherwise overlook. Each photograph is a chapter of a larger story, inviting us to listen to the whispers of the past and to find in abandonment an endless source of inspiration.